Database Management


Through our Database Management Second Chair™ provides the database technology platform and Business Process to collect testimony from experts and witnesses who testify against specific industry groups or in repeated litigation.


For example, Insurance Companies that participate in the Medical Professional Liability database insure over 473,000 physicians and medical facilities. The MPL database provides defense attorneys with valuable resources and tools that support the best defense possible for the Insurance Companies' insureds.



  1. Assisted Living Facilities and Elder Care

  2. Automobile Manufacturing

  3. Automobile Secondary Parts Market

  4. Bad Faith

  5. Class Action

  6. Medical Device Manufacturers

  7. Medical Professional Liability

  8. Pharmaceutical Companies

  9. Trucking






Case Management


Through our Case Management Second Chair™ provides the technology platform and Business Process to manage, with your attorneys “real time” testimony and evaluation of witnesses.


Second Chair™ supports your first hand evaluation of the witness for your own impression of how a jury would react to the witness testimony.




Using Second Chair’s proprietary analytics you can evaluate testimony of the witness over many years, across all transcripts in the database.


Second Chair™ staff will support your research and produce reports that will tell you what you want to know about the witness.