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The Second Chair™ technology platform is a tool for use by defense counsel and claims professionals. The primary objective is to collect witness testimony for the purpose of defense counsel conveying to the claim professional the most salient parts of the testimony in order to support the claim professional in their decision process of evaluating liability and exposure on cases.


Using our Database Management which integrates the Second Chair™ business process and tools in the technology platform, claims professionals and defense counsel can obtain a firsthand impression of past testimony of witnesses that affect their cases. The ability to use video technology to evaluate the testimony of witnesses for their demeanor, credibility, and likeability to a jury is the key component in evaluating cases.


Better litigation decisions can be made with better information of "the people" in the case and at the desktop of the claim professional.




The Business Process



In our Case Management the Second Chair™ technology platform is a "real time" process meaning that depositions are collected shortly after they are taken, rather than at the conclusion of the case.


Second Chair™ will periodically contact defense counsel after the assignment of a new case and will follow the deposition calendar. Second Chair™ will contact defense counsel to determine if the deposition went forward. If the deposition was taken, Second Chair™ will obtain and process the deposition and provide several views and search tools to assist in getting to the most important part of the witness testimony. The claim professional will be notified and will access the testimony online for their evaluation of the testimony.


Claim professionals are busy and the Second Chair™ technology platform supports the most efficient, economical process to evaluate witnesses first-hand.

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